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MusicHead Drums methodology revolves around the basic principles of drumming – connection with the instrument, physical balance and concept of time. Through focus on rudiments, student improves hand control, builds up strength and learns how to apply these exercises in practice. As an added benefit, the program introduces students to different aspects of hand technique. Consequently, foot technique is equally as important and through series of exercises, students achieve power, speed and control. Special attention is given to independence (hand/foot coordination) and motion (moving from one component to another).

Listening skills are a crucial aspect of playing any instrument and their development is an important part of the lesson. In addition, our curriculum insists on advancing in music literacy and drum notation.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help students answer - in a creative and unique way - to all the challenges they may encounter as drummers.

MusicHead Drums offers instruction in the following genres:

  • JAZZ
  • FUNK
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